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NOX included

31/07/2020 17:20:00

A hidden project of mine that never really got to the message is NOX or No-Excel. Why? A lot of people make "calculators" in excel and then distribute them. The problem is there is always a new version that fixes a bug, but people are still using the old calculator. So a couple of year I invented NOX. A program that takes input like the one below

And transform it to this.

This is actually a rewrite and will be part of the build code (so you are free to extract the code from there). It's not made for complex tools. Rather it's made to do fast small calculations without having to lookup formula's and apply them

Static Link : https://dewin.me/posts/nox-included.html

Static Powershell Blog Code Generator

23/07/2020 22:00:00

Since Powershell 7, there is a new convertfrom-markdown cli, which let me think about a new mechanism to blog. Blogger is great if you want to blog about plants or stamps but blogging about tech stuff is sometimes a real hell. Especially when it comes to code. That's why I decided to start a static web page that is build with PowerShell.

So Initially I tried the following code with PS7 because it looked promising

However it didn't understand backticks and tables. So I just wrote a mini parser with markdown that will break in most case except if you use it absolutely correct. The main goal is not to reinvent markdown syntax, rather just make a very small dialect that parse out links, images, tables and code. That's all I need to write blog articles.

My plan is to upload to code to github so people can be inspired. The reason why I don't want to write php code is because I think the blog is very limited. Just being able to write posts in markdown and statically compiling it to my own html allows me to easily add articles without having to setup databases or use an overcomplicated framework. It also keeps control and allows me to have full control over the HTML.

Static Link : https://dewin.me/posts/powershell-code-blog.html